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London is the most popular UK destination, a result of its mix of old and new attractions. Other popular attractions with the city of London include a variety of galleries and museums. Located in the West End, part of the Theatreland area, Chinatown features impressive buildings, and picturesque street ornaments. Leisure visitors to London can often be found in the city center, where districts like Bloomsbury put them close to all of the action. The city has a wealth of attractions to visit and activities to take part inAs well as being a place to relax, Hyde Park offers a number of enjoyable activities, including a boating lake that will have everybody smiling.

For those business travelers looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of tourist London, the docklands area of the city has been renovated and now contains some of the citys finest business hotels. Whilst some of these hotels are in the city center, others are closer to Londons business, financial and exhibition districts. Another popular destination is Chinatown. That easy navigation extends to the citys international airports, which can all be reached by rail, taxi, coach or car. Whether youre looking to enjoy the tourist delights of London or visiting with a client or colleague, there are plenty of London accommodation options to make your stay a perfect one.

As well as offering accommodation suited to leisure tourists, London also accommodates those in the city on business. The British Museum and Natural History Museum are the most popular of these, but the likes of the Science Museum, Tate Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum offer plenty to keep you interested. It is estimated that some 14 million tourists visit the capital city every year. The city is home to a wide variety of corporate and business orientated hotels. Amongst the citys favored tourist attractions are the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and St.

Pauls Cathedral. It should come as no surprise then that London hotels can be found in abundance. Families visiting London will find a wealth of attractions to enjoy. Millions of tourists flock to each of these check out every year. The city houses hundreds of hotels that cater to all visitors. The City is another area of London popular with business travelers, thanks to its proximity to major companies and excellent business accommodation.